Our Westfield Day Care Center Staff

Our classrooms are led by dedicated, certified or credentialed teachers, some with advanced degrees. A credentialed teaching assistant (or assistant teacher) works in each classroom. Part-time aides also help to keep the student-teacher ratio low.

All full-time staff are formally trained in our curriculum. Support staff are provided with an overview training of our curriculum and its implementation so that they may effectively support the teachers and the learning activities in the classroom.

All staff attain and maintain First Aid and CPR training, with supplemental pediatric training and AED training. There is very little turnover in our staff, most of whom have been at the Center for many years. Our average length of service is 8 years! All staff undergo fingerprinting and background checks.

WDCC Office Staff

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Thera Rocco
Executive Director
BA Psychology, Certified E.E.

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Doreen Murphy
Office Manager
BS Finance

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Vera Evans
Administrative Assistant

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Clarissa Dobek
Publicity/Social Media
BBA Marketing

WDCC Teaching Staff

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Jackie Alba-Suazo
Permanent Sub / Teacher's Aide
CDA Credential

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Lynn Bilman
Teacher, Kindergarten
MA in Elem. Ed.Cert E.E. & N.S.

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Christine Chojnowski
Teacher's Aide, Pre-K 4
CDA Credential

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Maria C.
Teacher's Aide, Preschool/Pre-K

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Janet Corrigan
Assistant Teacher, Kindergarten
MA Art of Teaching
BA in Elementary Education

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Sheila Dunnell
Teacher, Preschool 3

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Alyssa Farrell
Teacher's Aide, Preschool 3

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Rosemarie Hansen
Assistant Teacher, Pre-K 4
BA in Ed. and Sociology Cert. EE

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Jeremy Heyder
Permanent Substitute, Teacher's Aide

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Lori Jeremias
Teacher's Aide, Pre-K 4

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Lorraine Keyes
PM Teacher, Toddlers/Preschool

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Alisha Lardieri
Assistant Teacher, Preschool 3

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Sheri McIntyre
Assistant Teacher, Toddlers/Preschool
CDA Credential

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Lori Mazzeo
Teacher, Pre-k 4
BA in Early Childhood Education

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Allie Mendoza
Teacher, Toddler/Preschool
BS Early Childhood

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Nancy Montag
Teacher's Aide
Permanent Sub

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Cathy Pagano
Teacher's Aide, Kindergarten

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Evelyn Paredes
Teacher's Aide, Pre-K 4

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Annette Parin
Teacher, Mixed Age Preschool/Pre-K

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Michele Petrino
Assistant Teacher, Preschool/Pre-K
BA in Economics

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Stephanie Piesco
Teacher's Aide, Toddlers/Preschool

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Emma Rocco
Permanent Substitute, Teacher's Aide

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Jack Rocco
Permanent Substitute, Teacher's Aide

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Allison Rodriguez
Teacher, Kindergarten
BA in ECE with Cert. P-3 and Elementary

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Amanda Rodriguez
Assistant Teacher, Pre-k 4
AA in Education
BA in Liberal Arts

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Skylar Rodrigues
Teacher's Aide, Permanent Sub

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Jaclyn Shupe
Teacher, Mixed Age Preschool/Pre-K
BA English

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Nidia Torres
Teacher's Aide, Pre-K 4

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Jackie Vicci
Teacher, Pre-K 4
BA in Special Ed cert. P-3 and Students with Disabilities

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Joanne Wilson
Assistant Teacher, Preschool 3
BA in ECE-Cert E.E. & N.S

WDCC Kitchen Staff

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Amanda Arellano

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Caterin Franco
Cook's Assistant

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